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Heartland Foundation Repair of Kansas City takes pride in providing excellent foundation repair and waterproofing solutions to residential and commercial clients in Kansas — delivered on time and tailored to fit our clients' requirements. But don't take our word for it! Read the testimonials and reviews of our satisfied customers over the years.

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Jan 09, 2023
John came out to look at our problem promptly, and was very helpful in explaining the process, including recommending structural engineers (required in our municipality). His pricing was competitive, and I felt confident that he recommended only the needed repairs. His workers completed the repairs earlier than estimated and laid out plywood on our lawn from the street to the repair site to minimize damage to our lawn from excavating equipment, which was appreciated. They also hauled away excess dirt so we didn't have to deal with it. Highly recommended.
View Review on GoogleKathy Van Lieshout
Jul 10, 2021
Thank you to HBA along with John and his team. The entire team was upfront on expectations and costs along the way. The work they completed was on schedule and they left the property as clean as they could.
Mar, 2021
John Coil runs a first-rate company. We always felt in good hands, and experienced an excellent, well-managed job from start to finish! The crew is knowledgeable, diligent, considerate, and always on-time. We are very happy with the results of this project!
View Review on GoogleKathy K. - Prairie Village
Mar 6, 2018
John was professional from start to finish. It took a while to decide who would do our foundation work; he stayed in contact and was ready to answer any questions we had. He was knowledgeable about options that other companies were suggesting and was genuine in making us feel that he had our best interest in mind. His team was conscientious about keeping the work area as dust free as possible and after cleanup you hardly knew anyone had been at work. Project (correctly re-spacing existing piers, installing new piers, installing water channel and barrier wall.) Work completed withing the projected time frame and when there was a slight finishing issue, John was right there to make sure it was corrected. Had insurance man in, his response was, "Wow, whoever did this did a really good job!" The work was done Nov. 2016, we've had a dry basement ever since.
Ago, 2020
John was quick to respond with his proposal. Pricing was competitive, with excellent follow up during and after the job to insure my satisfaction. Unlike other competitors, his crew provided excellent replacement and refinishing work on areas affected by the project. I highly recommend using HBA for your foundation repair and waterproofing project.
May 11, 2020
We had a retaining wall leaning/collapsing over our walkout basement door, making it almost unusable and definitely unsafe. John was quick to come out for a bid and presented bid just as fast. Not the cheapest option, but we had the best feeling about him. Within a weerk, his crew showed up on time and ready to work. They worked efficiently and quickly. Job was completed early on day two. Very nice work! Walkout looks great and I'm not afraid it's going to fall on me! Would recommend them to everyone and will definitely be calling again if any other foundation issues arise.
Ago, 2020
They came out immediately and gave me an estimate for my basement issues. I had one wall that was starting to bow and water issues on my walls. The crew were very friendly and always on time. My furnace, washer/dryer and storage shelves had plastic on them to protect them from the dust. They kept the work area picked up as they went along. Can't say enough good things about this company. My basement on my old house is dry as a bone.
Ago, 2020
John was great. Did what he said he would do, very affordable and overly honest. I'll be recommending this company to anyone that needs this type of work.
May 1, 2019
I had a bid from Thrasher Foundations. They recommended $20,000 worth of piers for my garage which is settling. I called HBA and John Coil came and listened to all my concerns and checked my home with his laser. In the end he recommended that I do nothing. He said that yes the garage is settling but so what. It isn't compromising your home in any way. When I told him how much I appreciated his integrity he smiled and said, "I enjoy sleeping well at night." He also took time to answer all my foundation questions and told me some things to watch for. I highly recommend John and his company. If he has the integrity to turn down work when it isn't needed he also has the integrity to not oversell when it is.
Jan 25, 2020
Foundation Repair did a very thorough and professional job. They got to our project sooner than expected and finished it promptly. Workmanship was outstanding and we are very pleased with the final result.
Aug 4, 2019
Repairs were made as promised and on schedule. The workmen were very courteous and attended to detail. They cleaned the area they worked in and left no mess. Our basement is now dry following the latest heavy rains. I will definitely recommend them. John was on the spot, making sure that the work was done properly. His work was based on what we needed and followed through.
May 21, 2019
We are so happy with the work HBA did to our leaking basement! They waterproofed our entire basement and installed push piers in a very timely manner. Now we have peace of mind knowing that our basement will stay dry no matter how much it rains. Kurt, John, and their entire team were very professional and easy to work with. They fixed all of the issues we had, and were very responsive with any questions we had along the way. I highly recommend working with them!
Oct 10, 2019
This is low because they won’t bother call me back to get a bid quoted. Talked to them 4 days ago. Sent a structural report the same day. Called the two days later to ask for a call or comment. Maybe they are too busy doing great work. Not sure. From the reviews I think I would enjoy having them help me.
Dec 5, 2019
John came for a detailed bid and did a great job in the bidding process. They must be good because they are 6 weeks out.
Jan 8, 2019
Very professional! John came out during the job to make sure job scope was clear and came out to check off on work after completion. Highly skilled employees, very clean, respectful of my home, and meticulous. Didn’t try to over sell and shot me straight. Highly recommend!
Dec 16, 2018
Excellent communication from start to finish. John explained everything very well. The workmen kept my house as clean as possible. When finished you couldn't even tell I had work done. 2 big thumbs up!
Ago, 2018
Great company to work with. John was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We had a sump pump system installed at the front of our house in order to stop water that was coming in below our foundation wall. the work was done done in a timely manner, and with very little mess; considering the nature of the work. The system works flawlessly even with the heavy rain amounts that we had later in the summer. Also, the price was far less than their competitors; that run all of the TV ads.
Oct 14, 2018
John was very personable when he came out to look at our basement to see what he could do to help us with our repair. I really appreciated the fact that he gave me a phone call to let me know he was running late instead of letting me just sit there and twiddle my thumbs. When it came time to complete the repair work on our basement the team was very professional and they finished the repairs in less than 3 hours. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a someone that's going to keep you well informed and tell you exactly what repairs you need and won't try to get you to pay more for repairs you don't need.
Jun 18, 2018
We recently had an egress window installed by Foundation Repair Kansas City - HBA. I was surprised how quickly and easily the project was underway and completed. I had quite a few questions along the way, which Mr. Coil patiently and promptly answered. They did a great job and I would definitely recommend their service!
Aug 5, 2018
After 4 quotes, I chose John because of his availability, practicality, and desire to please the customer. He wasn't the cheapest, but more important was his integrity - I live in Houston but manage my aging parents' finances in KC and needed someone honest I could trust. John fit the bill and delivered on what he promised.
Apr 18, 2018
Five estimates from different companies, and John's was not only the best price but the most comprehensive and sensible answer to the problem. He installed an underfloor drainage system tied into a sump pump with a battery backup, a sealing membrane on the wall tucked into the drain system, and buttressed the walls to stabilize the cracking wall. A job very well done - then he realized there was no electrical plug unit for the battery on that wall, so he installed that for a small cost. What I liked was his honest work and prices - rare to find today. He told me he lives by his father' motto: A man is as good as his word, or something to that effect. At any rate, he keeps his word and stays with the job to the end. Rare too find someone you can trust today. He is that.
Apr 23, 2018
John and his team at HBA are professional, courteous and thorough. I had been struggling with wet basement issues for years and tried all the DIY products with no luck. I talked to three different dry basement contractors and John was by far the most professional. During the project, John's lead man found a severe foundation issue that stopped the project. John gave me a proposal to install piers at a fair price and the project got back on track. I would highly recommend HBA to anyone with a leaky basement or foundation issues. I would describe John Coil as a trusted adviser that proposes what you need to solve the problem and then delivers without issue.
Ago, 2018
My family used this company twice. First, to pier up the basement wall on one side of the house. About a year later, we experienced flooding again, this time on the other side. Since we really liked John and his team, we called them again. Both jobs were done on time and with little impact to us while living with the repair process. Definitely recommend this company.
Mar 8, 2018
I couldn't sell my KC house until the foundation was repaired. I was living in another state. I spoke with John over the phone and email. He kept me informed on the progress of the project with emailed photos. The job was completed quickly and my house was sold.
Ago, 2018
We used HBA to pier up one wall in our basement and waterproof. The job was done well and timely. John was always available and didn't sign off on the job until he was sure we were satisfied. We have a future project on the horizon and we will go back to HBA.
Ago, 2018
John installed a super system in a house I own. Might be the best system I have ever used for a problem basement. I was able to put his system to test (wettest summer I can remember) and I had zero issues! thanks so much!
Oct 8, 2018
We have a finished basement and had some issues going on with our drywall cracking along the seams. I was afraid it was the signs of a foundation problem. John was able to make it out in a couple days and do a thorough inspection of the house. Thankfully, he didn't uncover any issues other than the extremely dry weather over the last year probably caused my house to settle a bit more, but there was no need for repairs! I truly appreciated the honesty and him not trying to sell me any repairs I didn't need. He also took the time to answer and questions or concerns I had. He was a true professional and he'd be the first person I'd call if I have any foundation worries in the future.
Jul 7, 2019
I had some piers added. The gentlemen doing the work done a very professional job..It was cleaned up and left just the way they found it. I've had them for two different jobs and it's been done very well.
Ago, 2018
I got a fair price, the work was done properly. When they started the work they stayed with it until it was complete. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Dec 13, 2018
I had John come out to inspect my foundation after I found a small crack in basement. The previous owners had foundation work done and John made sure it was done correctly. Although we don’t need any repairs at the moment, John was personable and super knowledgeable and I would have hired him on the spot.
Mar 5, 2018
Our Real Estate Team always calls on John for foundation problems. He is always a joy, and speaks so our clients can understand how he will accomplish the (sometimes) nearly impossible to make their basement dry and livable again!
Feb 28, 2019
Kurt was on time and gave me a basement consultation that I needed. He was very professional and his expertise was well worth it.
Ago, 2018
This company saved my basement from potential destruction. My family and I just bought our dream house with a lake built in '72 that had foundation issues. We knew the cracks were bad and the foundation was slipping but we didn't know until the first time it rained how bad it really was. They did exceptional work in a timely manner and or house and basement have been dry since. I would highly recommend them for any foundation issues you experience.
Oct 10, 2018
John and his crew were quick and professional, they gave us all the options to choose from and explained how each one worked. I would highly recommend them.
Ago, 2018
Personal, excellent work, follows through!
Ago, 2018
They went above and beyond what I expected, would definitely recommend them.
Jan, 2021
Mar 28, 2018
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