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Masonry and Concrete Repair Specialists

Concrete, the most commonly used human-made material on earth and probably the predominant composition of your house or building's structure, is used for many good reasons. It has unparalleled strength, longevity, and resilience, giving you safety and security benefits. It doesn't rust, burn, or rot. It is versatile and can be molded or formed into any pattern, shape, or design imaginable for many masonry projects.

Masonry and Concrete Repair Specialists

Heartland Foundation Repair of Kansas City specializes in concrete and masonry and their repair. When we repair any of your building’s structures, we make sure our work restores the item in its original style and mortar color.

The concrete we process strictly adheres to the safe concrete standard thickness, unlike many contractors. As an example, while other companies use only 2x4-inch wooden forms that yield 3.5-inch slabs, we employ a 2x6 forms that produces a minimum of a 5-inch thickness of the slab. Other contractors have their reinforcing metals lying on the ground. Ours, when being processed, are supported by high chairs to ensure the reinforcements are placed up in the concrete.

For the best installation, we make sure our slabs are appropriately sloped in a direction away from your structure to prevent water from building up. When our concrete repair job is done, we thoroughly clean up your place as if no construction activity happened.

Our concrete is processed from local plants or on site, so we do not risk the so-called 'hot loads' or the addition of excess water that results in a poor concrete mix.

Other Concrete Works

We also specialize in the following concrete and masonry work:

  • Chimney and brick wall crack repairs
  • Retaining and concrete wall additions to existing structures
  • Window wells and egress windows
  • Cutting holes for windows and floors in foundations
  • Addition footings

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Heartland Foundation Repair of Kansas City understands your property’s foundation issues. Call us for a permanent solution to your masonry and concrete problems that can cause damage to your property, leading to negative impact on its value, or worse, becoming a safety hazard.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or for a free quote.

Contact us to schedule a professional evaluation of your property’s foundation.

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    As soon as our proposal is accepted, we will schedule a work date and an estimated time for completion, weather permitting.


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    We will complete the work on your home with the same level of care, courtesy and professionalism as we would for our own family members.

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