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Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier reduces the chances for groundwater to develop in the crawl space. It prevents water vapor and other harmful vapors coming through your crawl space and causing mold or other harmful health problems and pest infestations. It improves the heating and cooling efficiency of your home and boosts its value.

Professional Vapor Barrier Installation

Do not let your crawl space become moldy and foul smelling that even the occupants of your home abhor. We are professional service providers with over 40 years of experience in addressing crawl space issues in Kansas City and suburban areas. Our crawl space vapor barrier services are most effectively carried out when done in combination with our crawl space insulation and draining matting. Our certified installers make sure that all the necessary steps are done to ensure that the vapor barrier will result in a lasting benefit for your family.

Through our vapor barrier installation process, we ensure that any damage to the crawl space is repaired which improves the house’s structural integrity, flooding is tackled by installing a drain and sump pump system, and we guarantee to use only the highest quality materials to stop moisture from penetrating the floors, and to protect your crawl space permanently from mold, dust mites and other particles that thrive in moist environments.

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