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Concrete Lifting

Concrete is a remarkable modern discovery that has been helping us to achieve progress in our infrastructures we never thought possible before. Houses, buildings, factories, bridges, schools, hospitals, etc. are being built with the required durability and structural integrity specifications and at an affordable price.

Soil erosion and excessive moisture cause concrete slabs in structures such as foundations, floors, patios, driveways, and sidewalks to settle or sink.

Concrete Lifting Specialists

Heartland Foundation Repair of Kansas City has the right concrete lifting solutions. We are not just professional contractors for building concrete and masonry structures. We are also specialists in raising settling concrete slabs to stabilize them and provide additional structural support.

Our modern process is low-stress and cost-effective. High-density polyurethane foam is injected under the concrete slab to raise it. This foam dries quickly and does not shrink. Once the concrete is lifted, you do not need to worry about further settlement or soil erosion.

The old method of leveling settled concrete, which relied upon slab or mud jacking was less reliable. It involved pumping concrete slurry beneath the settled slab to raise it, hoping that the settlement would cease, but the added weight of the slurry ensured further settlement in the future.

Benefits of Our Concrete Lifting Solutions

Our effective method of lifting concrete offers the following benefits to home and business owners:

  • Low-stress installation. During the installation, as opposed to using heavy machinery, we utilize portable equipment that can be used in tight spaces and is not prone to cause damage to landscape and property.
  • It can be installed anytime. The system can be installed all year round regardless of the climate and weather. A wall collapsing as a result of a long wait for the weather to get better is no longer a concern.
  • Saves the cost of replacement. You do not need to replace the entire affected slabs. Holes just need to be drilled into them, and the polyurethane foam pumped in to raise the slabs. The holes that were created are then patched to finish.
  • A certified process. The Department of Transportation has been using the proven concrete raising solution for more than 40 years for its repair work.

Contact Us For Your Concrete Lifting Needs

Heartland Foundation Repair of Kansas City understands your property’s foundation issues. Call us for a permanent solution to your concrete problems that can cause damage to your property, loss of value, or worse, become a safety hazard.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or for a free quote.

Contact us to schedule a professional evaluation of your property’s foundation.

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    Schedule an appointment or get a project estimate now

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